What are segments and how do you manage them?


Segments, available on all free and paid Lickstats accounts, are your go-to for easily creating and analyzing experiments.

Try clicking on https://lickst.at/hello/a and https://lickst.at/hello/b. Notice how utm_term is set to a or b accordingly? Say goodbye to creating a new shortlink per experiment.


How to create a segment


STEP 1 - To create a segment, first navigate to your campaign link by clicking on it from the Links view.


STEP 2 - Then, click the CREATE SEGMENT... button at the top of the campaign link panel.


STEP 3 - Type the term (or terms) you want to use to identify this segment and click CREATE SEGMENT. Note that this term will be both the name of your segment and its URL extension, so try to keep it brief.


STEP 3 (continued) - You can also add more than one term to a single segment, allowing that segment to go two levels deep. For example, if you wanted to create a segment for shop/shirts/vneck, simply type your terms in order, press the Enter button after each one, then click CREATE SEGMENT.


STEP 4 - You can then add sibling segments for this by repeating the process, say by typing shop/shirts/white.

Please note that this function means if you type more than one term in the CREATE SEGMENT dialogue, it will not create separate segments. You need to start the process afresh for each segment.


How to share a segment


To copy the link for your segment, simply click the segment name at the top of your campaign link’s panel and you will see the link below which includes the segment. Click the copy button to the right of this address and your segment will be copied to the clipboard, ready to go!


How to view segment stats


Again, simply toggle the segment you wish to view by clicking its name at the top. This will show your stats for the selected segment and exclude the rest of the campaign.

When you're done analyzing this segment, click the CLEAR FILTER button to view your aggregate campaign link stats once again.


Using segments for sources that are not trackable by Lickstats


The world of referral tracking is constantly changing. For example, LinkedIn recently began stripping out referral data from links posted on their platform. For what it's worth, we admire their increasing attention to user privacy.

When you come across a situation like this, segments become particularly useful. Simply create a segment for specific channels under your campaign such as /lnkd and you’re all set. Another similar use case is email. If you wish to track clicks in emails, the only consistent way of tracking them is by using a segment such as /email.




Can I delete a segment?
No, but we’re working on it. That being said, if your campaign link has been published to the internet, it would be recreated as soon as someone clicks a link that includes that segment so there isn’t much value in deleting it anyways. That being said, if a campaign link has not been published, you can simply delete the campaign link and its associated segments and start over.

Zane Pocock