How to use the Lickstats browser extensions


At Lickstats we want to make your digital marketing as seamless as possible, so we made the Lickstats browser extensions to ensure you can work on the fly without visiting your dashboard too often.


STEP 1 - Visit the extensions store for your preferred browser and install it. We have a Lickstats extension for both Firefox and Chrome (hint: use Firefox!).


STEP 2 - To complete the set-up process, click the Lickstats icon beside the address bar, log in, and choose the Lickstats account you wish to use.


STEP 3 - Once you’re safely logged in, clicking this icon again will serve you a small window that allows you to create a Lickstats campaign link for the current page. Simply type your campaign name, click the CREATE CAMPAIGN LINK button, and a Lickstats campaign link for the new campaign will be automatically copied to your clipboard.


STEP 4 - Clicking the Lickstats extension button again from any page you’ve used as a Lickstats campaign link will once again open this dialogue box, except now it will tell you the total number of clicks from that campaign. There are two buttons underneath this that are important to note. The first, as you’ll recognize, is the copy button. This copies the relevant Lickstats campaign link straight to your clipboard. The other button, an eye, also behaves as you’d expect: it takes you to your campaign dashboard in a new tab for a more detailed breakdown of this link’s performance.


STEP 5 - Clicking the Previous campaign links button shows you a screen of your most recent campaign links, with the same options.


STEP 6 - Finally, clicking the account name in the upper-left corner will allow you to log out and log back in with another account.

Zane Pocock