How to use collections


Collections are like folders in Lickstats that can be used to gather together campaign links by theme, channel, or however you like.


How to create a collection and add campaign links


STEP 1 - Navigate to the campaign you wish to organize and click the ellipsis button (...) in the top-right corner. From the menu that drops down, select Add to collection....


STEP 2A - To create a new collection, type the name you wish to use and click ADD TO COLLECTION.


STEP 2B - Alternatively, to use an existing collection you can click the arrow to select from a list of your collections. If there are too many, start typing the collection name and it will appear for selection. Again, click ADD TO COLLECTION to finish up.


And, presto! When you view your campaign link, you will now see a little tag above the title with the name of the collection it can be found in.


How to change the collection of a campaign link


To change the collection your campaign link is associated with, simply follow the same steps above and select or create a different one.


How to view a collection


If you have a relevant campaign link open in your dashboard, simply click the collection name to view a refined dashboard of all the links in that collection. Alternatively, in your Campaign links dashboard you will notice a little button at the top that says ALL. Click this to see a drop-down menu of all your collections. Select the collection you wish to view and your campaign links list will be refined to those that meet this criteria.


To go back to the standard view, simply look in the same area for the button to clear this criteria. For example, here we would click the X HELP CENTER button to return to the standard dashboard.

Zane Pocock