How to set up your branded domain


Branded domains such as, available on pro and enterprise accounts, are a great way to boost brand recognition.


Don’t own a domain yet?


Branded domains are purchased separately using a domain name registrar such as Gandi or Namecheap. Although Lickstats doesn’t sell domains, we will be happy to help you purchase one! A tool we love to find amazing domains is


Own a domain and wish to set it up on Lickstats?


If you have an edge account, please get in touch. Edge accounts require actions at our end before you can set things up at yours.

STEP 1 - Decide if you wish to dedicate a subdomain (example: or your root domain (example: to Lickstats.


STEP 2 - Log in to the dashboard of your registrar (screenshots apply to Gandi).

Please note that these steps vary from registrar to registrar. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.


STEP 3 - Navigate to the DNS Records page of your domain settings and click on Add.


STEP 3 (subdomain, continued) - Select the CNAME Type, choose a subdomain Name and enter (NYC cluster), (Frankfurt cluster) or (Singapore cluster) in Hostname, then click on Create.

Note: choose the cluster the nearest to your audience


STEP 3 (subdomain, continued) - If you are using a CDN such as Cloudflare, please make sure you don’t proxy your subdomain through the CDN as it will decrease the effectiveness of Lickstats. On Cloudflare, select DNS resolution only.


STEP 3 (root domain, continued) - Select the A Type, and enter (NYC cluster), (Frankfurt cluster) or (Singapore cluster) in IPv4 Address, then click on Create.

If you wish to use www, setup www as a subdomain by following the step from STEP 3 (subdomain, continued).

Note: choose the cluster the nearest to your audience


STEP 4 - Wait for DNS propagation, which usually takes an hour or two but can take up to 24 hours for some domains. A great tool to monitor DNS propagation is

Your domain should point to (NYC cluster), (Frankfurt cluster) or (Singapore cluster).


STEP 5 - Once DNS propagation has completed, get in touch with us and we will add your domain to your account.

Sun Knudsen