Can you delete a Lickstats campaign segment?


You can not currently delete an individual Lickstats campaign segment, but we’re working on it.

That being said, if your campaign link has already been published to the internet then deleting it would be a redundant action anyway. The segment would be recreated as soon as someone clicks a link that includes that segment, so there wouldn’t be much value in deleting it.


What to do if you mistakenly created a Lickstats campaign segment


Option 1 - If the entire campaign for which you created this segment has not yet been published, you can simply delete the campaign link and its associated segments to start over.

This works particularly well considering that the shortlinks for deleted campaigns are cleared from the Lickstats system. As long as you delete the campaign first, then you can quickly recreate it with exactly the same links and segments as you had before. This will save you a lot of time if you have already embedded links in yet-to-be published campaign material. But be fast! If you're using the standard shortlink URL, deleting your campaign makes the shortlink available to all other Lickstats accounts. Learn how to set up your own branded domain to avoid this potential pitfall (paid feature).


Option 2 - Simply ignore it! If you have Lickstats integrated with another analytics platform such as Google Analytics then the UTM parameters will never be parsed so long as the link is never clicked. You can also set up custom campaigns in these Analytics platforms and ensure that redundant or accidental campaign segments are either ignored or included by another metric or report. More on this at a later date.

Zane Pocock