Why Lickstats?

Because Lickstats respects people’s right to privacy while empowering tech marketers and growth hackers using innovative — yet non-invasive — tracking technology.

Lickstats is GDPR-compliant

Lickstats is one of very few analytics technologies that deliberately implements the intent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — to give control to individuals over their personal data.

Lickstats is feature-packed with tech marketing goodness.

At its core, Lickstats is used as a "drop in" privacy-conscious alternative to Bitly-flavoured shortlinks providing basic clickthrough analytics such as the occurrence and source of clicks (Facebook, Twitter, etc...). That’s where similarities end.

Lickstats structure

Dynamic UTM

Lickstats detects the origination of clicks wherever the content lives and automatically adds consistent UTM tags to landing pages.

Try sharing and clicking on https://lickst.at/hello on Facebook and Twitter. Notice how utm_source=facebook and utm_source=twitter have been automatically added to the landing page? The same applies to all major acquisition sources.


Lickstats links can be segmented to quickly create and track experiments. A/B testing has never been easier!

Try sharing and clicking on https://lickst.at/hello/you on LinkedIn. Notice how utm_source=linkedin and utm_term=you have been automatically added to the landing page? Segments create cohorts that can be analysed in all analytics platforms that support the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) standard.

Confirmed clicks

Lickstats mitigates bots by leveraging its very own JavaScript plugin used to confirm clicks originating from humans.


Lickstats redefines what shortlinks are and should be.

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