Privacy policy

Lickstats embraces privacy by design

At Lickstats, everything we develop is designed to respect people’s fundamental rights to privacy. We only collect the strict minimum amount of data required to operate Lickstats. This data is disclosed bellow.

Lickstats is GDPR-compliant

Lickstats is GDPR-compliant by design. We are not in the data mining business. User data is the exclusive property of the users it belongs to and can be permanently deleted (backups are deleted after 30 days) or exported using our API.

Data we collect

Lickstats user data

User data is defined as data provided by users in addition to user IPs and internal analytics such as the last time users logged in.

  • We use cookies to keep users logged in to app.lickstats.com.
  • We share user emails and credit card details with Stripe to process payments (paid plans only).
  • We temporarily share user emails with SendGrid to send transactional emails.
  • We process and store user data on servers at DigitalOcean.

That’s it! No Facebook Pixel or Google Tag Manager.

Lickstats general public data

General public data is defined as data collected when the general public is tracked by Lickstats.

  • We process and store the IP of people who click on Lickstats links in order to geolocate where clicks originate from and mitigate attacks on our infrastructure. We never share these IPs with Lickstats users or anyone else.

That’s it!


Why does Lickstats collect IPs?

Unfortunately, we have to collect user and general public IPs to mitigate attacks on our infrastructure such as phishing and DoS attacks.

How is Lickstats different from other GDPR-compliant analytics platforms?

  • We don’t run overreaching trackers on our web properties such as Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager.

  • We don’t run session replay tools on our web properties such as inspectlet.

  • We migrated our domains to Gandi, an European company that fights for privacy.

  • We encrypt our backups so third-parties other than DigitalOcean cannot access user data.

  • We self-host fonts vs using Google Fonts and proxy other Google services to protect user privacy.

  • We make it easy for users to delete their data.

  • Short story, our users are not the product.

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