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Overreaching trackers

Most websites run multiple trackers that are gathering huge amounts of personal data about us without our consent. This data is sold to whomever is willing to pay for it and used to profile and target us. This data is also used to manipulate elections and allow nation states direct access to our thoughts and whereabouts. We have lost our right to privacy. We have become the product.

At Lickstats, we support the Do Not Track movement.

We believe analytics is essential to business, but doesn’t require tracking people.

We believe it is time to rid the internet from overreaching trackers and reclaim our right to privacy.

What matters

Lickstats is a shortlink tagging and analytics technology used to track campaigns, not people. Here’s why we developed Lickstats.

Multichannel campaign tracking should be effortless and as consistent as possible.

Lickstats detects the origination of clicks wherever the content lives and automatically adds consistent UTM tags to landing pages.

Running experiments should be fun.

Lickstats links can be segmented to quickly create and track experiments.

Collaboration is essential to efficient teamwork.

Lickstats pro and enterprise accounts are multi-user allowing team members to keep track of who is behind campaigns while enabling role-based privileges.

Interoperability leads to freedom and innovation.

Lickstats follows the Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) standard and has a public API allowing easy data extraction. We don’t lock-in users!

Reliability is non-negotiable.

Lickstats operates enterprise-grade redundant infrastructure. We don’t miss a click!

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