Welcome to the new Lickstats

Welcome to the new Lickstats


We’re thrilled to share with you the results of months of work that has brought to fruition precious feedback users have provided over the past year.

The new Lickstats boosts the same innovative campaign tracking features that our users love while significantly improving user experience.

Here’s what has changed:

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By default

HTTPS is required to accurately track origination. Put simply, using non-HTTPS shortlinks significantly decreases the accuracy of where clicks originate from. This applies to mainstream sources such as Instagram and LinkedIn. HTTPS is now on by default on all our plans.

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The Lickstats app was taken apart and redesigned to simplify each step of link creation and management process.

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Ever wondered what sites are behind referrals?

Referral tracking is available on pro and enterprise Upgrade

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The Lickstats Google Analytics integration pulls in conversions and attributes them to your campaign links using our proprietary attribution algorithm.

Attribution tracking is available on enterprise Upgrade


Campaign tracking

Campaign tracking automates the process of adding UTM tags and allows users to create segments to track the performance of ambassadors, ads, A/B tests or any other aspect of a campaign that yields valuable and actionnable marketing intelligence.

30 days money back guarantee

We’re confident you will love our paid features. If for any reason you are not delighted, we will hapily issue a full refund within the first 30 days of your upgrade to awesome, pro or enterprise.

Sun Knudsen