Lickstats was developed to ease the process of labelling and tracking the performance of digital content.
— Sun Knudsen, founder and CEO at Lickstats


Lickstats extends the feature set of traditional shortlinks by adding campaign tracking and segments.

Campaign tracking

When people click on our shortlinks – we call then campaign links by the way – Lickstats dynamically adds the right UTM tags to your landing pages.

For example, https://lickst.at/hello lands on https://lickstats.com/.

Try clicking on https://lickst.at/hello. Notice the UTM tags? They were added dynamically based on the origination of the click.

Try sharing https://lickst.at/hello on Facebook. Notice how the utm_source changes to facebook?


Now wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple way to A/B test the performance of various content strategies or influencers?

Try clicking on https://lickst.at/hello/you. Notice how utm_term is set to you?





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